Scheduled Workshops


I am always keen to hear from people regarding their interest in the workshops listed below or if there are any other topics you would like to see in a workshop form.  

Workshops consist of up to 6 participants and are held at my practice room at the Heads, Whakatane. Privacy and confidentiality is assured.  An informative and useful handout will be provided to take away.
Other workshops are available. Let me know if you are keen for any of these and I will set a date soon on my website.
Healthy Mind, Healthy Sleep 
There will be an educational component on sleep and then a focus on numerous strategies found to be helpful to ensure a restful sleep.  
Assertiveness Workshop
The idea of this workshop is to help you communicate effectively and appropriately.  We look at different communication styles and the benefits of each.  We focus on different strategies to help with assertive communication
Anxiety Toolkit
This workshop will help you understand how Anxiety affects people differently and a number of tools and strategies to help manage some of the unpleasant sensations that often accompany Anxiety.  Techniques will include learning how to identify Anxiety symptoms, how to understand them, and work with them to improve your management of this emotion.
Stress Management Tools & Techniques 
This workshop will provide strategies to help you identify your specific signs and symptoms when experiencing stress. You will also gain a list of options to utilise to help you manage at times of stress. The tools you learn can be used in both work and personal settings. You will be provided with a handout to take away.
Unhelpful Thinking Traps
This workshop will help you identify some of the unhelpful thinking pattern you have adopted and continue to utilise. It is likely these patterns of thinking are obstacles to you moving forward in the most effective way possible. Once we identify our unhelpful thought patterns we can look at  more healthy thoughts to adopt so you can achieve your goals and gain a better quality of life.
$50 each (including GST).
Please send me an email or call me if you have any other ideas you would like to propose for workshop topics.  I am also flexible if you would like to suggest a daytime option during the week for workshops.
Please register your interest as soon as possible so dates and numbers can be confirmed.
Have a chat with your friends and family and come for an educational workshop - it can be fun!!!